What Are The Functions Of Turnkey Industrial Contractors?

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In the dynamic landscape of industrial construction, turnkey contractors are pivotal in delivering seamless and efficient solutions for various projects. A turnkey industrial contractor is an entity that takes charge of the entire construction process, from concept to completion, offering a one-stop shop for clients. In this blog, Sathlokhar, one of the best commercial builders in Chennai has explored the multifaceted functions of turnkey industrial contractors and how their comprehensive approach benefits clients across various industries.

What Does Industrial Construction Entail?

Industrial construction falls under commercial construction, which involves building structures for profit-driven enterprises and public-use projects like roadways.

Specifically, industrial construction is focused on creating facilities for developing heavy-loaded industrial materials encompassing factories, oil refineries, mills, pipelines, and other manufacturing units.

This type of construction presents distinct complexities and challenges compared to other commercial construction forms, like restaurants or retail stores. The challenges arise from using heavy equipment and compliance with environmental safety standards. Moreover, production and manufacturing facilities have distinct requirements, such as specialized solutions for piping, bulk chemical storage facilities, and pressurized containers.

Industrial construction sometimes extends to offshore projects, especially wind turbines or oil platforms. Offshore building requirements introduce specific safety, ecological considerations, and engineering challenges to design structures capable of withstanding weather and water conditions.

What Are The Offerings Of Industrial Construction Firms?

The turnkey contractors deliver conventional construction services, creating structures such as factories, warehouses, and laboratories. However, their scope extends beyond conventional buildings. These companies construct aboveground storage pressure and tank vessels, install place equipment, mechanical piping systems, and more.

In light of the substantial loads from industrial sites due to heavy machinery and equipment, we are also one of the best PEB building contractors, constructing facilities like factories and warehouses often demands supplementary services. It can include the installation of helical piles, reinforcing and deepening foundations for buildings or equipment, and specialized control measures against erosion.

As industries use hazardous chemicals for their applications, there is a necessity for solutions to construct substances that they can hold. It involves primary containment within structures like aboveground storage tanks and secondary containment measures to safeguard the surroundings in primary containment methods.

However, not all industrial constructors offer a comprehensive range of services. Many specialize in a particular service or cater to the distinct needs of particular industries. Some may focus exclusively on the oil and gas sector, while others concentrate on providing specific solutions such as helical pile installations or plastic pipe systems.

Moreover, certain industrial construction firms may provide supplementary services that complement their primary offerings. For instance, Sathlokhar installs storage tanks and extends its services to maintenance and repair. 

An industrial construction firm delivers services tailored to energy, manufacturing, and various heavy industrial needs. These include constructing factories and buildings and installing services like fabricating storage tanks or mechanical piping systems. Collaborating with turnkey industrial contractors is essential if your project involves specific requirements or heavy equipment within your industry.

At Sathlokhar, we recognize the challenges in sourcing the right construction professionals for intricate projects. Our team, specialized in industrial construction, ensures the highest service, safety, and technology standards. Contact our team of industrial civil contractors in Chennai to learn more or seek assistance with your next industrial project.

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